Wednesday, 2 September 2015

The simple things

Lately I've been weaning myself off my beloved shellac in favour of a more natural approach to nails. With a baby in tow it's really hard to fit in time for beauty treats and so I've had to go back to the old fashioned nail polish. What this does mean is that I can buy lots of lovely new colours ( always an upside). These two colours from Essie, ballet slippers and spin the bottle have been my go to colours as of late. Ballet slippers is the perfect milky white/pinky natural colour, while spin the bottle is a more browny neutral. Both colours are really flattering and are helping my talons look super chic. They last really well without chipping, over five days, which for me is a record, and can be worn separately or to mix it up a bit, I paint one coat of each for a more customized colour. Either way these shades are easy to wear and have the lasting factor seal of approval.

C x

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Neutrogena oil-free moisturiser

I stumbled across this little gem in Boots recently when I was looking for a moisturiser that didn't cost the earth and that would do a decent job. Neutrogena is a brand I associated with dry hands and problematic skin, and while I sometimes suffer with the latter, I had never given the brand that much thought.

I tend to not spend a fortune on a moisturiser as it's there to add moisture and tackle dry skin, something that I don't suffer with too much, but with Autumn approaching I thought it was time to find something that would get me out of a dry skin pickle. I personally benefit much more from the use of oils and serums and would rather spend  money in these two areas, so this Neutrogena find was a welcomed one. I opted for the oil-free option as my skin has a tendency to break out but there is also an option for normal/dry skin. It promises to hydrate and smooth the skin and I was surprised at just how quick I started to notice the results. After one use my skin was super soft and any dryness or tightness I had was gone. The consistency of this stuff is lovely. It has a rich, creamy texture but isn't heavy or greasy whatsoever. It's a steal at under €7, an amazing budget buy to have on the bathroom shelf.

C x

Friday, 21 August 2015

Soleil Tan de Chanel

I've long been a big fan of bronzers and apart from foundation, they are my personal go to product. For me they instantly lift my face and add warmth and a light glow to my skin that I can't live without. I've bought and tested a lot of bronzers and really thought that I had my holy grail product in my trusty Mac. Until the Soleil de Tan that is.

Chanel's Soleil de Tan has a bit of a cult following in the beauty world and with good reason too. I personally don't buy into cult products, or if I do, I take my time and research the product and see if I think it would work for me or if i really need it. The beauty industry has a lot going on and the products they churn out claiming to be 'miracle workers' or 'need now' products come about so often, that anyone would be confused as to what's what.

In saying all of that, I am a huge fan of Chanel's beauty counter. Every product I have tried is worth parting with cold hard cash for. This bronzer is no exception. The product comes in a large tub and as all Chanel products do, it smells amazing. The staff at the counter recommended using my fingers or a sponge to apply the bronzer, but I decided to use a Mac stippling foundation brush to buff it onto my skin, and have literally reached for nothing else all summer.

This creamy bronzer is beautiful on the skin. It really adds a natural Gisele like look to my cheeks and forehead as well as an amazing glow. The glow is not something I was expecting from this product. It's not shimmery or glittery, two things I steer away from, but is rather dewy and just simply beautiful.

 Yes it is on the pricey side, but a little goes a long way and I think it will probably last the guts of  year if I'm honest so for me it's definitely worth it. I'm in love with a bronzer and will never be without it, and don't even start me on the packaging.

C xx

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Life lately

So then I went and had a baby. Yes this happened! I am now the proud mum to a gorgeous little boy.
The blog took a back seat in the past few months because life got in the way and to be honest, nobody tells you about pregnancy tiredness!

So I'm back to blogging as I sit here in my pyjamas, muslin cloths and bottles in tow, here is a little peek into what I've been upto lately.

Regular beauty posts will resume asap.

Love C xx

Monday, 9 February 2015

Dragons blood anyone?

I'm a huge fan of at home masks. There's nothing better than a nice relaxing pamper evening with a bath and a face mask to cheer me right up. I don't stock up on masks but rather, buy them when my skin is in need. With the weather being bitterly cold as of late, my skin is so dull and dehydrated. Nip+Fab products have been around for a while with the brains behind the brand also being the founder of Rodial skin care. The Nip+Fab products are a lot more affordable than the Rodial and they're available in Boots, so a lot more accessible also.

For me anything that says hydrate is something I want. Hydration from the inside and out is super important in the quest for good skin. Hydrated skin looks healthier, fresher and younger so when I saw this mask I couldn't resist, also it was on offer in Boots, so it was technically a no brainer.

The mask claims to plump, brighten and hydrate after 10 minutes. I left mine on for a little longer and yep it done a great job. Gone was any flakiness or fine dehydration lines and replaced with a definitely brighter smoother complexion. The only complaint is that the bottle is slightly on the small side of 50ml, however if you incorporate this into your routine once a week, it's not actually that bad.

At home masks are a great and affordable way to keep on top of your great skin game if at times you don't have the time, energy or the cash for a salon facial. Just be sure to pick the best mask for your skin and if in doubt start with a hydration one as you can't really go wrong.

C xx

Saturday, 7 February 2015

The new & old reliables

I promised myself this year I would really up my skincare game and focus on improving it rather than look to makeup for a quick fix. I've been investing little by little and will continue to mix it up when and if my face needs it. I thought I would do a regular-ish post on what new and old skincare products I use and add to the regime and so here's the low down for  last month so far.

L - R

Clarins toning lotion

A nice toner, smells lovely, I'm a sucker for smells and does the job as a neutralising toner. I'm in need of an acid toner so that's next on the shopping list.

REN Clay Cleanser

Obsessed with this, I'm using this and the Clinique take the day off.

Nip + Fab Dragon Blood Plumping mask

A good mask that has been helping to plump and brighten my skin, review coming soon.

Super Facialist Hydrating Mask

Not crazy on this because it's just not as good as the Origins Drink Up Mask, but it's also a hell of a lot cheaper so for now it's doing a job.

REN Omega serum

Love, Love, Love this, a review just went up.

Clinique Liquid Facial Soap mild

Not a huge Clinique fan but using this as a first cleanse before the REN because my beloved Clinique Take The Day Off is running out.

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant

My favourite exfoliator of all time. It's a nice light powder than brightens and lightens and is really lovely.

C xx

Thursday, 5 February 2015

The bathroom shelf, new additions

My skin has seriously been acting up lately and I only have myself and well the weather to give out to. I've been craving sugar lately and with the dark nights and really bad t.v it's easy to give into indulgence.
My skin had become dull with breakouts in the usual mouth and chin area, and the overall texture was bumpy and uneven.  Sexy.

So it was back to the old reliable REN clay cleanser, water, fish oils, less sugar and the weekly face mask. Things were fairly back on track but I still felt my skin needed something extra. I'd been missing a serum from my skincare shelf for a few months so when I spotted the Omega 3 serum oil from REN I picked it up and added it to the routine.

Overnight my skin had changed, no lie. Yes I still have blemishes and it's not perfect, but this guy is a real game changer. My skin is super soft, silk like almost, and the bumpiness is gone. It smells really lovely, slightly sweet, and glides onto the skin. Straight after applying 2 or 3 drops my skin was incredibly healthy and glowy looking, not shiny or greasy.

I've been using this for 1 week and already I'm really impressed. So if your skin care routine is in need of a great serum that won't break the bank, I highly recommend this one. Yet again REN has come to the rescue.

You can buy REN in Marks and Spencer, or Space NK.

C xx