Wednesday, 9 April 2014

A spot of bother

I have always suffered with spots from small zits to the big deep cystic throbbing bad boys. In recent years I have kinda got them under control but due to daily stresses, hormones, partying and the occasional pig out, I still have to deal with bad skin. I eat pretty healthy, get my 2 litres of water everyday and have a regimental skin regime, but alas, the skin refuses to play ball.

Let's just say I have tried everything from antibiotics,Retin A cream and just about every other spot removing gimmicky product going.

And yet I caved and bought another one.

Step up the Origins Super Spot Remover. It has super in the title so c'mon I had to try it, but unfortunately, I don't like it. It pains me to say this as it's not the cheapest product and the bottle is tinchy! I have tried this out for a good few weeks and while it does take down the spot somewhat, I really don't see the big deal about this even though some people swear by it. It tingles at first which usually means it's doing the job, but after applying before I went to bed, the next morning nothing drastic had changed. Maybe I expect miracles?
It does say super in the title..

So would I recommend this? Yes... and no. Yes if you have pretty good skin and the odd small spot, it will do the trick. However, if like me your spots are a little larger than a normal zit and you suffer with the red pigmentation marks left after the spot has gone.. this won't do that much.

At €18.50 this little guy is pretty darn expensive, and without the super power it promised.

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