Thursday, 10 April 2014

Hands and heels

I am a  HUGE fan of the pink stuff and love when Boots launch the gigantic Soap & Glory sets every December. Now I don't know about  you but up until recently I wasn't great at maintaining the hands and feet. Sure they got scrubbed with a mitt along with everything else, but other than that, zilch. Seeing as our hands can give away our age as we get older, and with it nearly being sandal weather, I thought it was time I added these products to the regime.

These two products smell ah-mazing, as all S & G products usually do. The hand mask is meant to be applied each night and there is a pair of gloves that come with, but I felt ridiculous with these on in bed.They really do work though, however I tend to use these once a week while watching Netflix. I apply the mask every night before I hit the hay and I have to say the difference is fantastic. My skin is so buttery soft and brighter in general.

Now onto the feet, which I must admit, I'm not so religious when applying. The cream is a very light blue/green and doesn't smell as good as the hand mask, but again it does a fantastic job. I tend to pop this on watching t.v and put a pair of fluffy socks on and ta-da, super soft, smooth amazing feet.

These guys are available in boots and with them nearly always 3 for 2, what's not to love?



  1. I love this review, going out to buy these products!!!

  2. They are amazing products and really work, thanks for the comment

    c x