Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Chanel vitalumiere aqua

Foundation is up there with my obsession for bronzers. No matter how many I have, I'm intrigued and drawn to buy more. I'm always on the lookout for something new and exciting that I will fall in love with. I've been using this foundation for a good few months now so I feel I'm ready to give it a post of it's own.

Not everyone will love this foundation so let's get that out of the way. It's  a very light, sheer foundation which I usually run away from seen as I despise the word sheer for some reason! It aims to perfect the skin and make it all dewy and healthy and glowy, and being a lover of the glow, you can see how it roped me in.

So what's good about it? Well, it's Chanel so it automatically feels classy right? OK, I'll be serious, it smells beautiful, that's the only way I can describe it. You need to give it a good shake as it's quite watery, but it glides on so smoothly and you really don't need a lot. The bottle is tiny, however I was surprised that I got a good few months out of it and I was wearing it most days. I also love the color's this foundation offers, they are never too yellow or pink based.

And now for the bad. So as we know I suffer with spots and blemishes, and although this says it will perfect the skin, it doesn't cover the bad boys. Yes it helps with discoloration, but hide pimples it does not and the lasting power isn't the greatest. And yet I love it, and have repurchased it a fair few times. It gives a glow like nothing else I have found, like the skin is lit from within and really healthy and all Rosie-Huntington-Whiteley (you know the look I'm going for). I recommended it to a friend who would also have some skin issues and we chatted about why we loved it even though it didn't cover up all our blemishes and the lack of staying power and yet we just couldn't put our finger on it.

Is it my favourite foundation ever? Well it's up there definitely, but maybe for days when my skin is behaving itself.

C x

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