Thursday, 19 June 2014

Scrub a dub dub

Oh how I love a faux glow! What I don't love, is when it's coming off. I'm fairly fussy with what fake tans I use because I'm uber pale and so I need something that won't look ridiculously dark and that will also fade lovely.

So to make sure that the tan fades nicely and to prep it for the next round, ya really need a great scrub, because a patchy, fading false tan won't be happening here, nope.

I have a few exfoliating scrubs that I love to use, but this next one was recommended to me and so, of course, I had to try.

Step up Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff.  I am very new to the Cocoa Brown brand as I have my holy grail of tans already and so I just never felt the need to try the tan range, but man, this brand has blown up overnight. Developed by Marissa Carter, a beauty therapist and business savvy lady, this brand is everywhere, literally, you can't escape the pinkness.

Tough Stuff is right up my street. The grains are tiny and very 'scrubby' and it smells pretty good too. I pair this with my St. Tropez exfoliating cloth and really, the results are pretty darn good. The scrub doesn't strip the tan off completely which is what I love in a good scrub, but it does help the tan to fade evenly while also removing all those pesky bumpy bits on the skin. My skin was seriously smooth after this stuff! Price wise it's a good bargain buy, I picked mine up in Penney's for under €8.

Pair this scrub up with some exfoliating gloves, and that stubborn fake tan won't know what's hit it.

C x

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