Wednesday, 27 August 2014

New in from Nars

So the summer is officially winding down in Ireland and it seems Autumn is here with a bang. I however have yet to go off on my holidays so  technically I'm pretending its's still summer and stocking up on sun cream and all things that will  make me nice and bronzed. Lovely. I can't seem to steer clear of Nars lately and want to try absolutely everything. The Nars body glow is an item that's been on the wishlist for a while now and I just NEEDED it when I smelled it on a client. It was one of those 'oh my god that's fab, what the hell is that smell' moments that I get and when she told me it was the glow item I had been meaning to buy, well, it was fate. It's fairly pricey so let's get that out of the way right now. I think it was about €60 quid so yeah that's a lot for a body glow lotion, but a little lasts a long time. You can buy it with the shimmer glow or without (why??) and I of course opted for the shimmer. The glass bottle it comes in is lovely and heavy and really adds to the fact that this is a luxury buy, and if you need to bring this away with you, which I will be, just transfer some into a small plastic travel bottle. Let's get to the best part shall we?

This. smells. unreal.

I could actually leave the post at that. There really is nothing else that matters. The packaging explains that the amazing smell is "monoi de tahiti oil, which is made up of pure coconut extract mixed with the bud of the tiare flower". Man it's good. So good that it didn't annoy me when the golden colour wasn't that tinted. You see that's not the point. The point of this is to get the skin to glisten and glow like JLO and to subtly add a sexy sheen to the skin. It does this very well. I had a lot of people asking how my skin looked so soft and glowy and what was that gorgeous smell? It really smells that good.

* Side note, let the bottle heat up slightly and really give it a good ol shake to get all the parts mixing nicely.

The second purchase was the Nars Sheer glow foundation and I'm pretty late to the party on this one. I just never buy something that's just out or new and tend to read tonnes of reviews before I spend money on a new foundation. So what do I think of it? It's a really good foundation that's medium to full coverage depending on how you build it up. It hides blemishes amazingly and lasts a long time. However....I don't get the glow part. Maybe that's because while Chanel Vitalumiere doesn't last that long, it gives the most beautiful non shiny, dewy glow and I guess I expected the same from this. If you are gonna put glow in the title then the stuff should give mega watt glow in my opinion. Not shiny, not oily, but gorgeous glowy, dewy skin. I'm obsessed with this look. All in all it's a really good high end foundation that covers imperfections well and photographs nicely (selfies at the ready). More of a night time rather than day time foundation if I'm totally honest. And so the quest for the ultimate foundation continues....

C x

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