Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Skyn Hangover Kit

If like me your skin get's those days when it's just gone to crap and you need a speedy boost then I may have just found your skin lifeline. M&S have seriously upped their game in the beauty department and are stocking a really good range of skincare brands that you might not find everywhere else. Skyn Iceland is a brand I'd heard about because of their popular eye pads and so when I saw this kit for €24.00 I ran to the till and straight home to test drive the set.

I love the packaging. Yes I'm a marketers dream, but really, the packaging is really clever and quirky. The kit itself contains an eye relief cream in the form of a pen (love this),  a cooling daily lotion, a face mist, and 2 sets of eye pads. So after giving my face a good clean I slapped everything on and then lay down with the eye masks to let them work their magic. The result? I nearly didn't recognize my skin after. This stuff is amazing. My skin was dull, grey, tired, blotchy, and dehydrated due to burning the candle at both ends and this stuff really kicked my skins arse. My skin looked rested and fresh and bloody great to be honest.

What I also love about this kit is that the stuff lasts ages and it's travel size so when I popped to London for a quick weekend, the eye pen and face mist were in my bag helping my eyes and face get over the red eye flight. Right enough babbling. I like this stuff, a lot. You will too.

Grab it here for €24.00

C x

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