Saturday, 27 September 2014

Bumble & Bumble

Usually I'm not one for hair products as my mane usually does what it's told but lately I wanted to try something new. I picked up these two products recently and at first wasn't that impressed but after ignoring the instructions on the back and doing my own thing, I've gotten into a little hair groove. The first product is the BB Texture cream. It's quite a gritty cream which you are meant to apply to damp hair but this just didn't work for me, so after drying and curling my hair I added a pea sized amount of this to my fingers and rubbed and scrunched it in. It gave me the perfect messy, gritty, matte look to the hair, definitely worth looking at if you don't get on with the beach hair sprays. I'd say it would work well on air dried hair also to give it a bit of a shape.

The styling cream is a different ballgame altogether. Basically it's meant to make your hair do whatever you want be it add volume, slick it back, or curl the way you want. I added a small amount to damp hair and then blow dried  it normally using a large round brush to give it height and volume and it did just that. It's definitely a straight forward easy to use hair product that I'm loving to give my hair a more done feel. I bought the mini travel sizes and I think this is a good idea to try the products first instead if investing in the regular sizes as some of the prices can be a bit steep. 

Bumble and Bumble is available in hair salons and in Boots. Any other products from the Bumble range I need?

C x

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