Wednesday, 7 May 2014

More beauty bang for your buck

Beauty bargains are the best no? I usually like high end foundations, bronzers and lippies but there is something really satisfying about finding a great product that doesn't cost the earth. Myself and Rimmel have never gotten on too well as I never found any product I really loved that worked for me, so I thought it was about time Rimmel got to prove me wrong.

The first product was recommended by a friend and also by some people on instagram and so I headed out and bought the Rimmel blusher, and to be honest expected to hate it.
How wrong was I?! The shade recommended was Santa Rose from the lasting finish blush range. Usually I'm not a huge fan of peach blushers, but when sporting a sun kissed glow, this is really gorgeous. I think it would work really well on paler complexions too as it's a real all rounder. The colour is not too pigmented meaning you can build it up and blend it really easily. Rimmel 1 point.

 The stunningly beautiful makeup artist Lisa Eldridge recommended the next product, and to be honest I buy anything she tells me to. Yep, I'm a fan. The product in question was a bronzer. Just to let you know I'm a bronzer addict. I probably own more bronzers than I do knickers! (joke).I do really feel I should have been born with Jennifer Aniston's skin  tone but hey that didn't happen, and so, we must fake it. So the newest addition to the bronzer stash is the Rimmel Natural Bronzer in Sunlight 025. The colour is perfect for me as it's not too orange or too muddy. It's a soft, warm matte powder that really livened up my skin giving me a nice glow. There's absolutely no shimmer to this powder so it's a good un for day time.

The blusher retails at €5.85 and the bronzer at €7.35, not bad eh?

So there it is, two Rimmel products that have made their way into my makeup bag. Who would have thought it.

C x

The beauty balm

As well as being a makeup addict, I have recently become more obsessed with skincare. Good skin equals great makeup in my opinion. I have the odd battles with spots and pigmentation and  feel that I really need to look after my skin and at this stage I have a good skincare regime down.

However, there can always be more right? I was introduced to the Clinique Take the Day off Cleansing balm by the skincare guru that is Caroline Hirons and I wouldn't dare buy a different cleanser. It's this amazing balm that comes in a nice large tub, bonus points, and looks like..... lard, yum. 

You basically take a small amount cause you don't need loads, and spread it straight onto your face using nice firm motions to spread it all around. If I'm being crazy lazy, I don't use eye makeup remover, just this, and it takes everything off. Perfect for the lazy ladies who go to bed with their makeup on. Tut Tut.

The balm really does remove everything but doesn't strip the skin so there's no squeaky feeling after cleansing which I really hate. Instead the skin is supple, soft and beautifully clean.

The down side is that there is no lush smell and you feel like you have lard all over your face, and it's €28 quid which some might think is steep for a cleanser and it is, but, it works, really well. Simples.

C x