Thursday, 18 September 2014

What's in my bag: Airport edition

So I'm finally off on my hols and I cannot be happier to be chasing the sun. I don't hate flying but I don't love it either and carry a minimalist enough bag because A) I dread the security part and couldn't be arsed unpacking everything to see what's setting the scanner off and B) it leaves plenty of room for duty free makeup goodies. And so I have it down to the bare essentials. 

1. The bag. This was a total bargain €20 down from €50 H&M
2.Ray Ban glasses
4.Watch Michael Kors
5.Burberry Body 
6.Nars lipgloss
7.Eight hour crean
8.Blank canvas foundation brush
9.Skyn iceland eye cooling gel
10.Skyn iceland face mist
11. A good holiday book

Now what to buy in duty free hmm?

C x

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Brow do you do?

Brows are big in the beauty industry and they ain't going nowhere. I personally love a full brow and think a great shape can really frame the face. Whilst perusing on instagram I saw a new eyebrow pencil from L'Oreal and decided to add it to my lust list. The full name of the pencil is L'Oreal Paris Brow Artiste Eyebrow Pencil, bit of a mouthful yes. Long name aside this pencil is pretty darn brilliant. It comes in three shades, blonde, brunette and dark brun. I opted for the first shade and the colour is spot on. The pencil has two ends, the brow colour, and a clear wax on the other end, which you swipe over after you have filled in the brows to keep everything nice and neat. I however have been using the wax just under the brow to lighten the area and give myself a brow lift, nice. It also comes with a little brush on the lid which is always handy. Any other brow bargains I should know about?

L'Oreal Paris Brow Artiste €8.49

C x