Thursday, 5 February 2015

The bathroom shelf, new additions

My skin has seriously been acting up lately and I only have myself and well the weather to give out to. I've been craving sugar lately and with the dark nights and really bad t.v it's easy to give into indulgence.
My skin had become dull with breakouts in the usual mouth and chin area, and the overall texture was bumpy and uneven.  Sexy.

So it was back to the old reliable REN clay cleanser, water, fish oils, less sugar and the weekly face mask. Things were fairly back on track but I still felt my skin needed something extra. I'd been missing a serum from my skincare shelf for a few months so when I spotted the Omega 3 serum oil from REN I picked it up and added it to the routine.

Overnight my skin had changed, no lie. Yes I still have blemishes and it's not perfect, but this guy is a real game changer. My skin is super soft, silk like almost, and the bumpiness is gone. It smells really lovely, slightly sweet, and glides onto the skin. Straight after applying 2 or 3 drops my skin was incredibly healthy and glowy looking, not shiny or greasy.

I've been using this for 1 week and already I'm really impressed. So if your skin care routine is in need of a great serum that won't break the bank, I highly recommend this one. Yet again REN has come to the rescue.

You can buy REN in Marks and Spencer, or Space NK.

C xx

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