Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Neutrogena oil-free moisturiser

I stumbled across this little gem in Boots recently when I was looking for a moisturiser that didn't cost the earth and that would do a decent job. Neutrogena is a brand I associated with dry hands and problematic skin, and while I sometimes suffer with the latter, I had never given the brand that much thought.

I tend to not spend a fortune on a moisturiser as it's there to add moisture and tackle dry skin, something that I don't suffer with too much, but with Autumn approaching I thought it was time to find something that would get me out of a dry skin pickle. I personally benefit much more from the use of oils and serums and would rather spend  money in these two areas, so this Neutrogena find was a welcomed one. I opted for the oil-free option as my skin has a tendency to break out but there is also an option for normal/dry skin. It promises to hydrate and smooth the skin and I was surprised at just how quick I started to notice the results. After one use my skin was super soft and any dryness or tightness I had was gone. The consistency of this stuff is lovely. It has a rich, creamy texture but isn't heavy or greasy whatsoever. It's a steal at under €7, an amazing budget buy to have on the bathroom shelf.

C x

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