Saturday, 7 February 2015

The new & old reliables

I promised myself this year I would really up my skincare game and focus on improving it rather than look to makeup for a quick fix. I've been investing little by little and will continue to mix it up when and if my face needs it. I thought I would do a regular-ish post on what new and old skincare products I use and add to the regime and so here's the low down for  last month so far.

L - R

Clarins toning lotion

A nice toner, smells lovely, I'm a sucker for smells and does the job as a neutralising toner. I'm in need of an acid toner so that's next on the shopping list.

REN Clay Cleanser

Obsessed with this, I'm using this and the Clinique take the day off.

Nip + Fab Dragon Blood Plumping mask

A good mask that has been helping to plump and brighten my skin, review coming soon.

Super Facialist Hydrating Mask

Not crazy on this because it's just not as good as the Origins Drink Up Mask, but it's also a hell of a lot cheaper so for now it's doing a job.

REN Omega serum

Love, Love, Love this, a review just went up.

Clinique Liquid Facial Soap mild

Not a huge Clinique fan but using this as a first cleanse before the REN because my beloved Clinique Take The Day Off is running out.

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant

My favourite exfoliator of all time. It's a nice light powder than brightens and lightens and is really lovely.

C xx

Thursday, 5 February 2015

The bathroom shelf, new additions

My skin has seriously been acting up lately and I only have myself and well the weather to give out to. I've been craving sugar lately and with the dark nights and really bad t.v it's easy to give into indulgence.
My skin had become dull with breakouts in the usual mouth and chin area, and the overall texture was bumpy and uneven.  Sexy.

So it was back to the old reliable REN clay cleanser, water, fish oils, less sugar and the weekly face mask. Things were fairly back on track but I still felt my skin needed something extra. I'd been missing a serum from my skincare shelf for a few months so when I spotted the Omega 3 serum oil from REN I picked it up and added it to the routine.

Overnight my skin had changed, no lie. Yes I still have blemishes and it's not perfect, but this guy is a real game changer. My skin is super soft, silk like almost, and the bumpiness is gone. It smells really lovely, slightly sweet, and glides onto the skin. Straight after applying 2 or 3 drops my skin was incredibly healthy and glowy looking, not shiny or greasy.

I've been using this for 1 week and already I'm really impressed. So if your skin care routine is in need of a great serum that won't break the bank, I highly recommend this one. Yet again REN has come to the rescue.

You can buy REN in Marks and Spencer, or Space NK.

C xx

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

The eyes have it

Dark dull eyes are never a good look, on anyone, and if your eyes are in a bad way this can really make the rest of your face look a bit bleh. After the Christmas period of late nights and rich food, my eyes resembled something out of the Walking Dead, no joke. I already have dark under eyes thanks to my lovely genes so I really needed something to brighten them up as no bloody amount of concealer was doing the job for me.

Eye creams have never really been my thing as I just didn't think I needed one, well, how wrong was I. As always I researched online for the best one to suit me and decided that the Origins Ginzing looked like a good option. The cream itself smells yum, as do most Origins products. It's quite thick in consistency so less is really more.

Does it work? Yes. Yes it bloody well does. My dark zombie under eyes are definitely less noticeable, brighter even, and it managed to take down the puffiness I had that I didn't even know was there. Also under eye concealer is gliding on much better and not settling into any little lines that were caused by dehydration and thankfully not the first signs of wrinkles.

The eye cream has been in rotation in the skin care regime for just under one month and I have to say I really can't see myself without it.

Origins is available nationwide from Boots and various other stockists.

C x