Monday, 9 February 2015

Dragons blood anyone?

I'm a huge fan of at home masks. There's nothing better than a nice relaxing pamper evening with a bath and a face mask to cheer me right up. I don't stock up on masks but rather, buy them when my skin is in need. With the weather being bitterly cold as of late, my skin is so dull and dehydrated. Nip+Fab products have been around for a while with the brains behind the brand also being the founder of Rodial skin care. The Nip+Fab products are a lot more affordable than the Rodial and they're available in Boots, so a lot more accessible also.

For me anything that says hydrate is something I want. Hydration from the inside and out is super important in the quest for good skin. Hydrated skin looks healthier, fresher and younger so when I saw this mask I couldn't resist, also it was on offer in Boots, so it was technically a no brainer.

The mask claims to plump, brighten and hydrate after 10 minutes. I left mine on for a little longer and yep it done a great job. Gone was any flakiness or fine dehydration lines and replaced with a definitely brighter smoother complexion. The only complaint is that the bottle is slightly on the small side of 50ml, however if you incorporate this into your routine once a week, it's not actually that bad.

At home masks are a great and affordable way to keep on top of your great skin game if at times you don't have the time, energy or the cash for a salon facial. Just be sure to pick the best mask for your skin and if in doubt start with a hydration one as you can't really go wrong.

C xx